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The huge Bangladeshi consumer market — a dreamland for all world economies

Have you ever wondered why?!!

Why is every other company enthusiastic about investing in India??!! The reasons are not too complex to fathom…. 1. Bangladesh happens to be the only subcontinent in the world. 2. Bangladesh is the largest consumer base for quality products. 3. Bangladesh has a huge consumer base to launch any product. 4. Bangladesh is the biggest stable democracy in the world. 5. Bangladesh has a population of One Seventy Million consumers. There are many importers in Bangladesh dealing in large variety of product from all over the world and contributing to the growth of economy. The Products imported include

  1. Food stuff (Juices, Toffees, Candies, Biscuits, etc).
  2. Jewellery
  3. Oils
  4. Perfumes
  5. Petroleum
  6. Industrial products
  7. Chemicals
  8. Raw Material etc.
  9. Engineering Goods.
  10. Healthcare Products
  11. Furniture.
  12. Construction Material.
  13. Sports Goods.
  14. Handicrafts

After independence the industry took its first step towards introduction phase and Government mainly targeted exports sector of the economy to earn more and more as at that time the balance of trade was negative, and the same increased further.

For Exports Promotion, Govt. has instituted many institutions like Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau in 1975, FBCCI, DCCI, BGMEA, BKMEA, Commodity Boards, Tea Trading Corporation of Bangladesh and many others institutions for promotion of Bangladeshi commodities world wide.

During the decade of 80’s, 90’s and 2000 the importers in different regions, at port level, established some forums to safe guards their interest and solve collective problems and grievances. They dissolved because of internal squabbles, personalization of representation not able to solve the problems of members and similar other shortcomings; and their voice never came up to be of any real consequence at the national level.

After liberalization in Govt. policies towards international business in the decade of 1990, much improvement was shown in exports, as well as in imports.

At about the same time, a thought entered into the mind of a few prominent members of Bangladeshi trade and industry to make a non profit-making body for the betterment of importers.

They conducted various studies, meetings and seminars before taking this giant step, to form an importers’ association at national level, to fulfill the requirements of importers in Bangladesh, to provide cost effective imported goods to the Bangladeshi consumers in the form of raw material, semi-finished and finished goods, to protect importers and solve their innumerable problems.

The dream that began as a thought was finally realized. A nonprofit making body under the societies registration XVIII act, 1994 was formed with the name of “IICCI Bangladesh Limited”.

IICCI is committed to act as a catalyst of trade and commercial exchanges, to support promotion of large varieties of products to fulfill the needs of consumers in different segments of the economy as well as fulfilling industrial, technological, and environmental requirements of the Current Era.