After independence the industry took its first step towards introduction phase and Government mainly targeted exports sector of the economy to earn more and more as at that time the balance of trade was negative, and the same increased further.

For Exports Promotion, Govt. has instituted many institutions like Advisory Council on Trade set up in 1962, Export Promotion Council for eleven products, FICCI, FIEO, APEDA, IIFT, Commodity Boards, Tea Trading Corporation of India and many others institutions for promotion of Indian commodities world wide.

During the decade of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s the importers in different states, at port level, established some forums to safe guards their interest and solve collective problems and grievances. They dissolved because of internal squabbles, personalization of representation not able to solve the problems of members and similar other shortcomings; and their voice never came up to be of any real consequence at the national level. [Read More]


The Chamber represents the interest of more than 200,000 direct and indirect members through its heterogeneous membership and combines the entrepreneur spirit and


The Chamber’s focused vision is imports, investment and industry. Imports will lead to investments by the overseas companies, leading to investments (FDI).


To create a global village where there is free movement of goods and services on the principals of WTO and an army of young entrepreneur who will not only


The Chamber is happy to launch its website which will provide a meaningful platform for discussion on matter of economic and a global network. In today’s globalized world, we need a new level of idealization.


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